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Recapping Sun SPARCstation IPC Power Supplies

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Ancient Sun hardware revival continues! The recent pick-up of Sun hardware included a bunch of "lunchbox" form factor machines (SPARCstation IPC and IPX machines). All of the IPX machines worked, but both IPC machines had dead power supplies. Opened them up to find a bunch of leaking Chemicon and Elna capacitors. I don't know if this is a capacitor plague/counterfeit thing (both are good brands, and were rated 105C) or what. Anyhow, I wrote up the recapping process here:

I've included a list of part numbers with original capacitor values, as well as a cross-reference to current production Nichicon substitutes. Both supplies work fine, and both SPARCstation IPCs are now functional :) Here's a pic of the inside of the supply, after recapping:


I went ahead and replaced all capacitors except the line-side filter cap. The smaller ones looked OK, but I figured I might as well do all of them, since I had it open, and capacitors are cheap.


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