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APC Management Card Vulns

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I recently bought an APC AP9211 MasterSwitch, which is a remote controllable 8-outlet PDU. It's got 8 switchable standard outlets so you can poweron/poweroff/reboot machines remotely. It came with an AP9606 web/SNMP management card, which is usable in a bunch of older UPSes and such. The AP9211 is an older unit, but switching power on and off isn't very complicated, and the newer units mostly boast features I don't really need (built in power meters, "too much current" type alerts, et c.), so I bought a cheap AP9211 online. It of course came with an existing, non-reset configuration. The official guide sez to use a serial cable to reset passwords, but I didn't have a USB -> RS232 adapter on hand, so I looked for known vulnerabilities in the management card, and found this little gem:


Looks like you can dump the EEPROM over a telnet session using a master password that the factory uses to configure new systems (setting things like MAC addresses). I fired up tcpdump and power-cycled the unit to try and figure out what IP/subnet it was configured for. Got an ARP request and grabbed it -- Sure enough, telnet in, enter any username and the master password, and you end up in debug firmware! I was able to get the existing password from EEPROM and log in.


I could see maybe having this feature on the console port of the management card, but it sure does seem short-sighted to put it on the telnet interface! I wonder how many of these things are still in service -- betting quite a few, since the management cards work in a bunch of different APC products, and things like the MasterSwitch don't really become less useful with age.


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