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Dirty rhymes and jokes from your childhood

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PG13/R (pick one)

Red red wine makes me feel so fine
Monkey jacked Chewbacca on the streetcar line
The line broke, the monkey got choked
Chewy-bacca smoked bad ganja on a little tug boat
Circa '84 or so, I don't know its exact origin but I think somebody at Whitson School had just gotten that new UV40 album.

Heard on the playground this afternoon at my little cousin's school (these were all 3rd/4th grade kids):

Donald Trump was a dirty old man
Ran out of the White House with his dick in his hand
Saw excuse me ladies I'm just doing my duty
So drop your pants and gimmee some booty

...and who says millennials (the first and last time I will ever use that word on this site) are out of touch?


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Posted (edited)

Walking through Office with dick in hand..

We call Willy C. Trailer Park Man...

Peeks in a stall? What did he see? 

Monica and Gennifer trying to take a pee......

Media started to talk, each intern described the same cock...

The Clintons' career got impeached from the Pennsylvania block....



Early 80's something:

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to give her poor dog a bone.

When Mother bent over, Rover took over and her a bone of his own.



1st Grade Reading Class:

"Say <person's sister's name> may I", then spell cup.



Most I will not post in respect to current racial tensions in the USA. 


Edited by tekio

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Well us kids used to recite "eeny meanie miney mow" with its original line of "catch a nigger by the toe", like our grandparents taught us, and practically nobody gave it a second thought (or probably even noticed, and yes there were at least two black kids in my predominantly-white class who did it as well). But that was also in AUTOJAN's heyday and most people back then weren't as thin-skinned and hung up on themselves as they are now.

From sunday school (okay, my parents favored a more "progressive" church in Hood River):
Jesus loves me cuz I'm cool
I smoke weed in sunday school
Mary Jane and LSD
Jesus loves me 'cuz I'm me

Circa 1992 or 1993, on the men's room wall at my high school:
Some come here to sit and think
Others come to shit and stink
I come here to rub my balls
And poke my big dick through the walls


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Posted (edited)

On 3/24/2017 at 11:54 PM, scratchytcarrier said:

84 or so, I don't know its exact origin but I think so

Marijuana, Marijuana, LSD, LSD

Mrs. Johnson makes it... all the teachers take it.

Why can't we? Why can't we?


If you're looking for the Principal, he's hanging on the flag pole.

With a ruler through his head, filled with dirty pencil lead.


EDIT: almost forgot The Stoner's Cheer 1995ish:

Party hardy, sex and rock & roll.

Drink a 1/5th then smoke a bowl

We are stoners, we got class.

Fuck with us, we'll kick your ass.


In middle school, every kid with long hair had that on his Pee-Chee or Trapper Keeper. LoL

Edited by tekio

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(From Mistman)

Hearthwood Elementary in Vancouver, circa 1993

Cinderella hair of yella
Went upstairs to bang her fella
Got in bed, the guy was dead
Took an aspirin for her head
Found a guy, don't know why
They dropped acid and got high
F'rold time sake she fucked his snake
How many orgasms did she fake
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.


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Motherfuckin shit, fuckin with me... Fuck a skank bitch and a sucker MC Cuss words, just let 'em roll... Mother fucking, shit, goddam ass(-)?ho(l)?e.... Cuss words just don't quit, mother fuck you damn shit head bitch... 


- Too Short about 1990ish. 


Just made me happy to not get censored on the Interwebz anymore. :-)


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