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Hi guys. I'm new here and I'm looking for someone who can help me, I install Linux mint because I wanted to try that OS and I deleted the Windows partition, now I don't know how to deleted Linux and Install Windows again

I have a laptop: Acer Aspire One


Pls help me :(


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Put your Windows install disk in and follow the installer. Be sure to repartition in the installer.  IF you don't have a Windows installer you can do some research and download and official MS ISO and make a USB installer in Linux. If you laptop has a Windows OEM License sticker on the bottom you can use the key on that. On newer laptops the key is sometimes just loaded into the UEFI firmware or BIOS and will automatically be detected from an OEM installer.


Sometimes the Acer will have an ISO download of their OEM or you can call tech support and ask for installer disks. New computers assume you will never upgrade the HD/SSD or want to reinstall from scratch, thus hardly ever ship with install discs anymore. Otherwise you just may need to pay for a new Windows license. 


There is a chance you can boot into a recovery partition and install windows from there.  Doing the research is on you, however. Nobody will spend an hour to fix your computer for you. 


Hope that helps. :-)



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