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These are just a few numbers that I've found, but cannot explain.

If you know what these numbers do or what they are intended to do, please let me know.

1 800 354 2600 - This number doesn't sound like a modem to me but it does make a loud screechy noise.

1 800 423 2600 - This number plays a series of rhythmic beeps in a loop forever.

1 800 393 2600 - “We’re sorry. All circuits are busy now. Would you please try your call again later?

And finally these numbers all play "End of call." before hanging up:

1 800 218 2600

1 800 399 2600

1 800 410 2600

1 800 418 2600


Thanks a bunch,




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Quick update: the 354 number no longer seems to make the noises of an epileptic robot.

Also the "end of call" numbers now seem to be some scam call. Weird.

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The end of call numbers probably are just unassigned numbers that belong to some sort of IVR company.


800-393-2600 is the stock all circuits busy announcement from an EDRAM card on a DMS-100. Chances are it's going to a trunk group that was busied out or something. For whatever it's worth, the company that owns it is Broadview Networks.


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