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Homegrown Internet in Spain

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The only problem is; we are in the USA. Comcast pays a pretty dollar to have unfettered access to local city infrastructure. As far as laying cable, they are the only game in town unless someone has the pockets to outbid "city contracts" for cable. Then there is local city board, FCC Board Members, and state Congressional  schmoozing.


It goes like this:


"Can I have a sit down meeting with my Congress representative?"


No, Mr. Vote getter is out of town for the next four weeks.






"I'm so and so and probably have a lot offer. I represent a multi-million dollar per quarter company and we have a vested interest.".


"Mr. vote getter will be in a Congressional meeting from such and time, to such and such time.".


"Great, Comshaft is sending me to represent their interest in Net Neutrality during this meeting. Ask Mr/Mrs Vote getter to meet me at <trendy D.C. high profile>e place for a business meeting. I hear the surf and turf great this time of year. Comshaft limo will pick him/her up after the Congressional meeting."


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