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Q. How many Pokemorons does it take to change a light bulb?
A. You mean they looked up from the cell phone long enough to notice the light's already been out for two weeks?

Q. How many Pokemorons does it take to drive a car?
A. Well, that would probably explain the series of loud "crunch" noises I just heard outside.

Q. What do you call 5000 Pokemorons lying dead at the bottom of a cliff?
A. A good start.

I talked to a Pokemoron who recently went to an area where the flowers were all in bloom, the fresh lawn was bright green, a small waterfall flowed to a crystal-clear stream, ivy curtains hung between some tall trees, the birds were singing merrily and some blackberry brambles bore the sweetest fruit you'd ever tasted. Apparently since there was no 802.11 or 4G coverage, and Pickachu wasn't there anyways, he said it wasn't worth the effort going.


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