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Heh. You're not alone, for sure.


Why I try to keep my calls to a minimum, or I try to keep my dialing out of the area of effect (i.e., I won't be calling Istanbul directly more than once or twice).


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Here are some rough recordings. Dialed directly though AT&T Long Distance/ Long Lines.


+90 212 463 9999 - (Reorder?)

011 90 212 463 9999.mp3


+90 212 463 xxxx (privacy for the owner of the telephone number), +90 212 469 5896 (fax), +90 216 330 3190 (Çiya Sofrası, restaurant), +90 216 330 9800 (I don't know what this is?)

Turkey Istanbul.mp3


It should be noted that the numbering system is similar to NANPA albeit with a 0 preceding the number dialed (i.e. 0216 330 9800). Area code 212 is the European side whilst area code 216 is the Asian side of Istanbul.


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