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Fun With Police Charity Scam Robots

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I have found a large amount of "local" Fraternal Order of Police charity scams that use a very convincing (at first) robot to handle call backs. Many of these are run by the same call center, who process a lot of payments that don't actually benefit any communities. There are five distinct voices I've found, with many states sharing the same bot, only with a different recording for the name. 
These are fun to play with, as they respond to all sorts of caller reactions to a blind solicitation. There's some key phrases and words that reset their whole spiel, make them think they've offended you, and also put you over to a live person very quickly. They say "Oh, sorry" if you respond in Spanish, but don't seem to react to any other languages. You can conference call multiple robots, and if you time it right, they'll actually start responding to each other in a sort of hellish, futuristic scam echo chamber. I ended up getting two robots to transfer me to two different call agents at the same time, who also thought the other was a call back. If you ask the live people if the robot you were just talking to was real, they refuse to admit that it's a bot. Even if you three way the same bot while talking to them. That's dedication.

These three are the most consistent with having the robots on during normal business hours:

425-214-4522 American Police and Sheriffs Association
602-926-7318 Arizona Fraternal Order of Police
614-360-2354 Ohio Troopers Coalition 

The rest are all sporadic, with some bots being offline for days at a time, probably taking a rest during robocall campaigns. If you don't get a bot, you get the same hilariously vague vm greeting across the board: "We are either assisting other customers, away from our desk, or, we could be closed..."

214-393-2196 Texas FOP 
302-703-1412 Delaware FOP Female Voice
317-559-7838 Indiana FOP
321-635-8388 Florida FOP 
402-932-8633 Nebraska FOP
410-705-6172 Maryland FOP 
443-217-0517 Maryland FOP
469-458-1936 Texas FOP
469-458-1962 Texas FOP
469-458-1963 Texas FOP
484-929-1746 Pennsylvania FOP
510-201-5540 California FOP
512-225-7776 Texas FOP
610-301-0408 Pennsylvania FOP
661-246-4307 California FOP
706-341-0097 Georgia FOP
706-608-4690 Georgia FOP
717-212-0047 Pennsylvania FOP
717-947-9165 Pennsylvania FOP
919-694-4054 North Carolina FOP
941-208-8053 Florida FOP - Different Female IVR 
954-533-8128 Florida FOP
980-265-3106 North Carolina FOP - Female Voice
703-947-0997 Viriginia FOP

Also, does anyone know what this one is? Could it be a misconfigured DID? 

412-345-3840 "You have reached the number for 123453840 that is not assigned yet." [Pennsylvania FOP]

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Heh, I'd messed with a few of these at a previous job -- we got a lot of calls from them. My favorite is, if you ask if it's a robot/machine/whatever, the bot will answer with, "Heh, do I really sound that bad?"


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Are they trying to get rid of some numbers? I noticed the 510 one gives me a not in service message via SS7.


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