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Foreign Language Phone Quest

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So I was on the hunt for some American phone numbers that answer in Japanese. I found some standard phone numbers, like International Calling Services and Airlines. After digging through a bunch of Japanese newspapers and websites, I found a few interesting ones.


1-800-433-0081 - KDDI (International Calling Card to Japan)

1-800-537-3366 - United Airlines Japanese
1-800-237-0027 - American Airlines Flight Booking (Japanese)
1-800-525-2355 - JAL Flight Info (English and Japanese)
1-800-525-3663 - JAL Reservations and Info (Japanese)

1-800-645-5341 - Japanese Help Line (Recording instructs you to call the Little Tokyo Service Center 213-473-3035)
212-442-1541 (ext. 1) - Japanese American Social Services Inc.
1-888-634-8226 - HanaCell Customer Support
1-888-264-7776 - HanaCell WestCoast
1-800-637-7280 - All circuits are busy
213-473-1633 - Japanese Help Line (Live person)
213-473-1630 - International Student Line VMB


Then I started looking into toll-free numbers in other languages, and found out that Skype supports free international toll-free calling to UK, France, Poland, and Taiwan from the United States. So I did some poking around and found some other cool stuff.




+33 0800-00-3456 Parents and Babies Line (Weird Long Beep Ring)
+33 0800-00-3450 French Intercept
+33 0800-00-3453 French Busy Intercept
+33 0800-00-0000 Information ??
+33 0800-23-1313 Drug Law Info
+33 0800-840-800 Sida Info




+886 0800-098-666 Eva Airways Taiwan
+886 0800-075-075 FedEx Taiwan
+886 0800-000-000 Reacts to DTMF, then rings
+886 00801-615-184 Taiwan Intercept Message
+886 0800-000-700 IBM PC/Thinkpad Support Line
+886 0800-011-765 Tourist Info Hotline
+886 0800-080-123 Chunghwa Telecom


My favorite of all is this one:

+886 0800-024-111 Taiwan Foreigner Helpline
  Language Options: Mandarin 1 - English 2 - Japanese 3 - ??? 4 - Indonesian 5 - Thai 6

I don't know what the other languages are listed on this IVR, but I think there's at least 8 total language options which is really cool.


So yeah, I am still looking around for Japanese American numbers, but the Skype international toll-free numbers have opened up even more interesting scanning options for when I'm on my lunch break at work. If anyone knows any more numbers, let me know~






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Here's some UIFNs I found. Finding stuff that doesn't go to a real person (most of which sound like they're in a call center) is kinda hard. I guess giving people personal attention is part of that whole culture of respect of something.


+800-3567-8171 - Ringout
+800-3770-1818 - Japanese IVR
+800-3811-8286 - <50 hertz hum in background> "Please dial your personal identification number, then press sharp"
+800-4400-2000 - Bilingual NIS rec
+800-8005-8005 - Other Japanese IVR
+800-9986-0860 - Another Japanese IVR


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