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robot drivetrain

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any ideas for cheapest motor/transmission?


  •  preferebly electronic motor
  •  target weight is hopefully 50-75lb(hopefully under 75)
  •  edit: size probably around a starwars astrodroid at the biggest
  •  cheap/overbuilt
  •  also need transmission, drive train to and including the wheels
  •  preferably around human walking speed min
  •  around jogging max speed or so should be fine isnt a race car
  •  probably like 1/10-1/3hp 100-300w
  •  ideally 12v dc, secondary choice 24v dc

currently forerunner is, 30$ razor electric scooter replacement motor, and back wheel including the gear and the shaft 18$ and would do 2 sets to do the whole tank steering dual drivetrain so can turn in place. usually the weight limits for those things are like 125-180lbs or something like that, which doubled is way more than required. with 2 chains maybe 115$, but then only thing else i would need is a big caster wheel or two, and the chassis.


obviously not something you get from a local hardware store, dont really care what the motor/whatever is from

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