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just got 2 new cell phones just because..

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my "main" cell phone is a sprint phone with google voice integration... so basically my calls all route thru google voice.. 


i wanted a back up phone for when sprint service is non-existant, and/or my battery is dead


so instead of getting ONE phone, I ended up getting TWO... 


one is on verizon's network via tracfone.. 


one is on at&t as a gophone... I had to use a non-smartphone imei to activate the phone to get the 10c per min plan without data, they claim you can not get the 10c/min plan or the $2 unlimited daily plan with a smart phone, but this isn't true. When I log into my account it knows I have a smartphone on their network and it implicitly states that I must use wi-fi only with my plan, which is fine with me.


on to my question.... is there anything anyone is aware of that might be interesting on the different networks to explore?


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