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There are Millennium Payphones in my area (206 WA) If anyone has info, please reply


Answers : pc-oholic

Questions : whixrr



Q:Can you use Millenium  payphones as DTMF decoders? (using the screen as a monitor and playing the DTMF tone into the handset mic?)

A: Once you are in a call, they can decode TTY-text, so they should be able to also decode DTMF.



Q:Does anyone know if the Millennium payphone's dial tone is fake? I think that they are, because every 5 seconds, a automated voice says "Please Insert Coin or Card" etc

A: This is correct. It is fake.



Q:This may be difficult to understand, but you will if you try it.) I am questioning that the DTMF tones that you press are not controlling the actual line. I believe that because you dial, then wait for the call, you hear the DTMF (that you dialed by hand) digits dialing faster, (by a machine) Does anyone know what this is about?

A:That is correct, too. Between you punching in the number and the phone dialing, a lot can actually happen: For example the phone making a modem-connection to the NCC to get the rate, etc.



Q:Also, I have found out that when you dial 0 (operator) and wait, the machine doesn't play the 0 DTMF tone, it plays a longer number to call the operator. Does anyone know what this is about?

A:You can program the phones to do pretty much every thing you want... Besides 0, almost all N11-numbers for (except 911) are just "aliases" to local phone numbers... And sometimes, they even alias local phone numbers (think of 411 -> 555-1212 -> XXX-555-1212 to treat every "request for information"-call at the same point of contact).



If anyone has any more info or questions, post them below.



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