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Hey BinRev, this is my Third post. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do anything interesting with Wimactel Payphones.

If you know any of these things, please post.


*interesting toll-free numbers ...... http://www.binrev.co...box-empty-code/


Alright, on to the post


You cant red/bluebox them as the mics are muted.


I haven't tried "Punching" a local call with a nail. (as seen in wargames) But I believe that the coin box is plastic. (cant complete circuit)


I guess I could beige box them, but that looks very suspicious. And, the wires go strait into concrete. (Through the stand)


There is a 32 digit code that works on most payphones to empty the coin box ( 24998-24001-29190-90467-59718-7429-087 ) ( I'll make another post about this ) 

but I don't think that that will work                                                                       http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php/topic/47284-coin-box-empty-code/                                                                                           

Here are some images of them. Wimactels have a lcd screen on them that says "Welcome, Please insert coin" and that kind of thing.


If can do anything interesting, please tell! 






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