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If there's one thing that's better then a C5 trunk, well, it's two! This route pretty incredibly rare to get, but it seems most common around 5 eastern or so. That fluctuating of the compound seize tone you hear throughout the call isn't actually there, by the way; that's AT&T being hilarious. I think it's their echo cancelers.


Anyway, the number I called is +800-6538-3633, extension 8706. That's an Avaya PBX with a vector-based IVR answering.


On another note, maybe it's just those echo cancelers screwing with the call, but has anybody ever heard a C5 call (legitimately) end with a compound seize tone? A C5 trunk is always an unexpected surprise, but normally, supervision is triggered by a burst of 2400, and the call ends with 2600.


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