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CreepyDOL: Cheap, Distributed Stalking

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Extremely Serious Disclaimer

This presentation does not create an attorney-client relationship. Probably. If it

does, it will have said it does. Although it could have created an attorney-client

relationship without explicitly saying so, because the law is tricky like that.

This presentation may contain confidential and/or legally privileged information. If it

does, and you are not the intended recipient, then the sender hereby requests that

you notify him of his mistake and destroy all copies in your possession. The sender

also concedes that he is very, very stupid.

This disclaimer is not especially concerned with intelligibility. This disclaimer has no

qualms about indulging in the more obnoxious trademarks of legalese, including but

not limited to (i) the phrase “including but not limited to”, (ii) the use of “said” as

an adjective, (iii) re-naming conventions that have little to no basis in vernacular

English and, regardless, never actually recur (hereinafter referred to as “the 1980

Atlanta Falcons”), and (iv) lowercase Roman numerals.

This disclaimer exists for precisely one reason—to make this presentation appear

more professional. This disclaimer shall not be construed as a guarantee of actual

professionalism on the part of the sender. Any actual professionalism contained

herein is purely coincidental and is in no way attributable to the presence of this

disclaimer. If you aren’t reading this, then this disclaimer has done its job. Its sad,


Check out slides:


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