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The brand new issue of 2600 is out for the summer, right in time for HOPE X. This has been a very tough issue to release, not only because of all of the conference preparation, but because of the massive problems we've had with our distributor filing for bankruptcy while their profitable division continues to publish magazines like Motor Trend. While it looks like we won't get paid for half a year of issues that we had to pay to print and ship, we can say that this new issue is being handled by a new distributor who promises not to run away with our money. If you see the Summer issue in a store, it means we succeeded in getting past this roadblock. You can help us recover by buying that issue. And if you already have one and don't need a backup copy, encourage a friend to take the plunge. If no friends are available, tell total strangers in the bookstore to take a look. We've gotten this far entirely because of our readers. We've always been a thorn in the side of corporate America, and this year they dealt us a very heavy blow. We'll get past it with your support. We won't forget - and we certainly won't forgive.


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