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HPR - HPR1546: HPR Community News for June 2014

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New hostsWelcome to our new hosts: Mark Waters, semioticrobotic.Last Month's Shows Id Title Host 1521 Cardboard Greeting Cards Shane Shennan 1522 How to Use Docker and Linux Containers klaatu 1523 HPR Community News for May 2014 HPR Admins 1524 WASHLUG 20150515 GPG and E-mail Ahuka 1525 30 - LibreOffice Calc - A Savings Model Ahuka 1526 Penguicon 2014 Ahuka 1527 Surviving A Roadtrip: GPS Windigo 1528 Wildswimming in France Mark Waters 1529 TrueCrypt, Heartbleed, and Lessons Learned Ahuka 1530 The Ext2 File System JWP 1531 How I use Linux Jezra 1532 Project Idea - White-Hat Spam Bot Keith Murray 1533 Beginner's guide to the night sky 2 Andrew Conway 1534 My Introduction to HPR semioticrobotic 1535 31 - LibreOffice Calc - Sheet Editing and Navigation Ahuka 1536 The 150-in-1 Electronic Project Kit Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^) 1537 How I make Coffee x1101 1538 Overhauling the School of Music website Jon Kulp 1539 An Open Source News Break from semioticrobotic 1540 The journeling File System JWP 1541 How I Came To Linux Claudio Miranda Mailing List discussionsPolicy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to allHPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on theGmanearchive.Discussed this month was:

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