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HPR - HPR1523: HPR Community News for May 2014

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New hostsThere were no new hosts this month.Last Month's Shows Id Title Host 1499 How I Got Into Computers Charles in NJ 1500 Key Signing Ahuka 1501 AWK laindir 1502 Practical Math - Units - Distances and Area, Part 2 Charles in NJ 1503 Making Waves-The DSO Pocket Oscilloscope NYbill 1504 HPR at NELF 2014 Afterparty Various Hosts 1505 28 - LibreOffice Calc - Fills, an Introduction Ahuka 1506 HPR AudioBookClub 6 Shaman Tales Book 1 South Coast HPR_AudioBookClub 1507 HPR Community News for April 2014 HPR Admins 1508 In Defense of Play Charles in NJ 1509 HPR Needs Shows HPR Admins 1510 What's in My Bag? Charles in NJ 1511 How to skin a snake Jezra 1512 Adopting and Renovating a Public-Domain Counterpoint Textbook Jon Kulp 1513 Stir-Fried Stochasticity: Bio-Boogers Epicanis 1514 Give The Small Guy A Try Beeza 1515 29 - LibreOffice Calc - Models and "What-If" Analysis Ahuka 1516 01 The podcasts I listen to Dave Morriss 1517 The set of prime numbers is infinite johanv 1518 02 The podcasts I listen to Dave Morriss 1519 What's in My Bag Thaj Sara 1520 The Ext File System JWP Mailing List discussionsPolicy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to allHPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on theGmanearchive.Discussed this month was:new crowdfunder: Mike Dupont has a ongoing kickstarter>Comments not working?: NYbill wanted the comments link changed. It was.A call for more shows: we ran out of shows. You responded with shows2 notes on shows: Kevin O'Brien wanted to know if the NELF talks could be put out on the feed. Current policy is We will continue to promote new podcasts and other creative commonsmaterial but due to a lack of slots, we are only releasing materialcreated exclusively for HPRPlease use the shownote template files: The template has been updated please use itSending in details for old HPR shows: Please help with the effort to improve the shownotes/tags of the older episodesI'm deleting this comment as it's spam: because of .....

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