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HPR - HPR1506: HPR AudioBookClub 6 Shaman Tales Book 1 South Coast

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In this episode, the Audiobook Club reviews Shaman Tales Book1: South Coast. You can download this audiobook for free (or voluntary donation) from and available in paperback on Amazon this show the hosts also discuss beverages.Colin was drinking a Badger Brewery Golden Glory, and quite enyoyed it. pokey drank a Fosters Lager, and he didn't like it very much. Thankfully he only wanted it for the can. Sadly, it really seemed to go straight to his head. According to Fosters' website, "You need to upgrade your Flash Player." Good luck with that.Our next audiobook will be The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan book was suggested by pokey. pokey likes The Crown Conspiracy very much and has found it appropriate to suggest to both his mother and his daughter.You can find more content (including podcasts) from Nathan Lowell discussed looking up interviews with Nathan Lowell, and as it turns out he has links to lots of them on his website If you're a Nathan Lowell fan, you've got many hours of enjoyment ahead of you. Colin welcomes your feedback via email to gigasphere"nineteeneighty" at gee mail dot compokey prefers his feedback to come via the hacker public radio comment system.Please remember to visit the HPR contribution page. We could really use your help right now. both had a great time recording this show, and we hope you enjoyed it as well. We hope you'll consider joining us next time. Thank you very much for listening.Sincerely,The HPR_AudioBookClubP.S. Some people enjoy finding mistakes. For their enjoyment, we have included a few.

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