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New download: BR Magazine - BinRev Magazine 2.1

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File Name: BinRev Magazine 2.1

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 01 May 2014

File Category: BR Magazine

The third issue of BinRev magazine. Before now, DDP members had been responsibly for writing most of the articles with a few of our regular supporters and good friends writing as well. At this stage, we really tried to push for more content from outside submissions. This is sadly what had always been a problem with the hacking community. Submissions and content providers are hard to find. Everyone wants to consume, but no one contributes. We were able to get some great stuff for this issue but it took a lot longer than I was expecting and it was the only issue that we released all year.

That being said, it was yet another triumph artistically! Logan5 did an amazing cover which was completely his idea from the start. This cover was another work of art suitable for framing and one of my biggest regrets was with the final printed product. I just didn't have enough experience with printing to foresee that a wrap-around cover like the one used in this issue would cause the edges to crack when it was folded and stapled. I was heartbroken when the spine cracked on our nice card-stock covers because I felt like I was disrespecting his beautiful cover.

Click here to download this file


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