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Mixing for Phones

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For a while, I've been wondering exactly how much detail you can try to cram down into a phone earpiece. As it turns out, the answer is quite a lot! Sticking music down a phone is one thing, but what about an entire soundscape? I threw this together to demonstrate just that.

Here's a couple of things I noticed while doing this;

- The frequency response on a phone is very different from most speakers or headphones, even if you're listening at an 8khz sample rate. If you really want to make something sound good, you'll have to listen on the phone as you're mixing it. Otherwise, you'll go back and forth between the phone and the computer enough to drive yourself crazy.

- Less is more. To an extreme. Listen to how bright the radio voice is; all I did was roll off the low frequencies to make it sound like that. If all you want to is make something sound bright, sometimes it pays not to turn the high frequencies up as high as you can.

- uLaw companding works well most of the time, but if you add lots of low frequencies, it'll start to sound all fuzzy. This kinda worked to my advantage with the water noise, but if you want to avoid it, try rolling off everything below 45 hertz or so. Most earpieces won't reproduce that anyway.

Anyway, if you're confused, don't try to make too much sense of what's going on. The dialog mostly exists to make my point :P .



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