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Whats new and improved?.


Around the year 2009 i was involved in a conference with other preakers from here on binrev.   the handle i used in those days was Skittles,  the other day i found my old recorder with an 8 gig memory card still inside.

I dont know if anyone will remember me but i was the guy that always called the conference with vintage telephone equipment and had tons of knowlege on vintage switching systems.




i want to release the recordings i have of the "Hotel prank call" made in 2009.  these recordings where previously unreleased but i want to release them to the people involved before i post it to the web.  as far as i know i was the only one recording that day.


if a veteran member who has been around a long time or an admin/mod can review the tape to identify the people involved?.


PM me.

Sample clip.....hotel prank.mp3

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