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HPR - HPR1470: Learn to read time with ccClock

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Over the years the image of the clock has been abstracted and stylized to a point where a long and a short line inside a circle, or even inside four dots on the ordinals, can be instantaneously recognized as a clock. This is perfectly fine if you already know how to read the analog clock but it makes no sense to use such a design as a teaching aid. As a teaching device, you need to make sure all the information that has been abstracted away has been put back.That is the basic principle of the ccClockThe minute hand points at the minute dialAll the minutes are listed removing the need to know the 5 or 15 math tableThe Clockwise direction is emphasized with arrows and text orientation.The two per day rotation of the hour hand is described using a concentric spiralThe progression of day into night is indicated by recognizable icons of the rising and setting sun and moonThe written format is described in the traditional dial digitsThe spoken form is described in speech balloonsLinksDave Allen - "Teaching Your Kid Time"

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