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HPR - HPR1468: A Whole Lot of Nothing: Chromebook EOL, CentOS WTF, No

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This episode covers a little bit of everything. The end of life for Chromebooks and how that hurts in some ways, hacker public radio topics, CentOS and Red Hat joining, participate with a non mainstream GNU/Linux Distros, and much more.

Here is a brief list of the topics and links covered in this episode:

XFCE and Xubuntu is good, Crouton for Google Chromebook

Chromebook EOL, WTF? I like the hardware but I want to use it until I'm tired of using it, I don't want Apple or Google telling me otherwise.

Distro wise what's next? I'm not going to want to stick with Ubuntu much longer.

CentOS, WTF? So on the server side what's next?

Building your own distro from the ground up. It is a lot of work.

Debian is by far still the best distro to stick with. I hope they don't jump ship.

Bastion hosts are long gone, thank you and sorry Marcus J. Ranum. Make way for clusters, customized systems, but generic and widely supported desktops. Sounds like Slackware to me, right?

GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline

Bridge Linux

Bedrock Linux


Pod safe music

Configuration Management Configuration Deployment for Network automation

Duck Duck Go Goodies


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