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The NSA's Tailored Access Operations

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Credibility of this Research

We first made our discoveries in June 2013 and kept silent so that we could

research the capabilities without being detected. As more Edward Snowden

disclosures were published it became crystal clear that what we discovered is

a major component of the surveillance system.

Those who wish to discredit our evidence, feel free to do so, but do so on a

technical level, simply claiming it “it's not true” or performing some social

attack simply re-enforces it and identifies the “discreditor” as an agent of the

NSA/GCHQ or an agent of the global surveillance system.

Our evidence is based on public available UNMODIFIED firmware images.

To verify our claims using UNMODIFIED images requires connecting a USB

to serial port to the modem motherboard board which allows you to login

(admin/admin) and verify yourself. As most people will find this difficult, we

provided a link to third party MODIFIED images based on official BT release

GNU source code that allow you to telnet to the device (, this

modified version includes the same backdoor. These can be found here:


The MODIFIED images have been publicly available since August, 2012, long

before the Edward Snowden disclosures.

The methods we published, allows confirmation without having to open the

device. However if you are suspicious of the MODIFIED firmware from August

2012, simply connect to the USB serial port of your own existing unmodified

modem and login to verify, either way the results will be the same.

Here is the original research, complete, and unmodified:


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