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HPR - HPR1459: Locational Privacy with retrotech-the lowly pager

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In this episode, deepgeek suggests that adding and old, and perhaps laughableby modern standards, device to your mobile lifestyle. Deepgeek reveals thatsaid device is the pager, but he eventually gives good reasons for doing so.The primary reason is that the paging company does not know where you are, so they can't tell "the man" where you are. Other reasons are reduncancy and trouble interpreting audio. But in the end, you find out why first responders and medical and fire personal still use these devices, and how you, as a privacy lover, may reap benefits from using this technology also.Some links mentioned in case you want to follow them...Duck Duck Go search on locational privacy"privacy is dead" audio's two remaining paging companies't forget to check out resellers for deals, like "free pager with one year prepaidA good sms via email webpage

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