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Power Line Communications - Yet another way the NSA is hacking your co

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For years the government has been using standard power lines to infect and manipulate computers. It is little known about yet widely used in intelligence communities to conduct illegal and of course unwarranted snooping. What they do is criminal and in many cases the results of their covert criminal activity is personal injury with impunity. This is only one of many ways they have to keep track of you and set you up for things in any situation in order to discredit you when you finally realize who the real terrorist are...the one trying to "protect you" from terrorists, we know this now and statistically you are 7 times more likely to be killed as an American by the militarized police than you are by anything even remotely related to terrorism. When people are accused of crimes related to to certain things I question that these days. The DOJ is now used, not for common good and the protection of the majority, but to harass, deter, and eliminate anyone who does not agree with draconian rule by force. Wake up please, we are facing hell on earth!

Anyway look into this it's one piece of a giant puzzle not enough are figuring out....

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