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NSA Electronic Arsenal and Codenames - Worse than we thought

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This is interesting, the bag of tricks these cartels have at their disposal is stunning. Everyday now we are finding out more and more about just how criminal these people are. They actual have systems that allow them to actually colonize themselves within your computer or device. Stop using windows, it's a Trojan horse and they don't hide this fact really I mean look at the name of the OS/Trojan they think it's funny that you don't know. WIndows, get it? It has to do with transparancy and this is only one way glass, you can look in probably better than you can look out and look at their primary email domain name, HotMail, and that's in our faces because they think your stupid. Well it's obvious to me that if mail was hot it's being watched and surveilled. Install windows and right in your face one of the first things the OS says is "Let's get started!" And of course that infers your not alone. Microsoft claims ignorance when it comes to the NSA and their criminal actions. I think it's a lie...

Here is a detailed list


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