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HPR - HPR1458: Free Culture and Open Animation

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This interview with Julia Velkova and Konstantin Dimitriev will shed some light on free culture, open animation, Synfig Studio and the Russion animé being developed by the Morevna Project. Today, on Hacker Public Radio."Support Open Animation projects! Because they cary a lot of potential for inovation."-- JuliaFSCONS 2012: "Open animation projects: state of the art, problems and perspectives"We all know of the Blender Projects, like Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny and Sintel, but do you know of any more? Creating an animated movie is hard. Many enthusiasts start projects up that soon thereafter unfortunatly die off.The state of this area of interest is what Julia Velkova has concentrated her resarch on. At FSCONS 2012 she gave the first part of a presentation, painting a picture of the state of matters, then followed by open animator Konstantin Dimitriev who introduced both the Morevna Project and the free and open source tool Synfig Studio.At this presentation Konstantin showed the premiere trailer for his animé movie "The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna", a modernized version of a traditional Russian tail. Both the trailer and Julia and Konstantins presentations are availible on YouTube.Konstantin has used indiegogo to crowdfund a full time developer for Synfig Studio. He wrote: "I am mentoring a full-time developer Ivan Mahonin, who is working on Synfig code. We have funded his work in previous months by running similar fundraising campaigns for October, November, December, January and February." So go help them with the rest of 2014 as well! Go help the Morevna Project and Synfig Studio, follow both Julia and Konstantin on Twitter to get updates on this very interesting part of the free and open community that I suspect we sometimes might forget.Stuff referenced in the episode Julia Velkova, Twitter: @JVelkova Konstantin Dimitriev, Twitter: @K_Dimitriev Slideshare - "Open animation film projects. State of the art, problems and perspectives" "Julia Velkova & Konstantin Dmitriev: Open animation projects": "The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna: Demo [HD version]": The Morevna Project: Synfig Studio: "ILoveSketch": "Sita Sings the Blues": "Set YOUR priorities for Synfig development in March 2014": to reach meYou should follow me and subscribe to All In IT Radio: @alltinomit Twitter: @alltinomit

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