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HPR - HPR1449: Timelapse Video

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A quick introduction to timelapse video and some of the tools used in linux to help create them. cd to dir that holds the imagesCreate a directory called resize and run "mogrify -path resize -resize 1920x1080! *.JPG" If you need to Deflicker your images place the script in your resize directory and run "./ -v"This will create a dir called deflickeredIf you use mencoder to create your video you need to use ls and make a text file with the files listed in sequential order "ls -1tr | grep -v files.txt > files.txt"then "mencoder -nosound -noskip -oac copy -ovc copy -o outputfile.avi -mf fps=25 'mf://@files.txt'if you use ffmpeg something like this should get you out of trouble, though your files need to be named in sequential order starting with img(number 1 2 etc).jpg "ffmpeg -f image2 -i img%d.jpg -vcodec libx264 outputfile.mp4"Youtube links Milkyway

Construction script

Go to this episode


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