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HPR - HPR1432: Fahrenheit 212

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Please consider recording an episode for Hacker Public Radio. We are a you-contribute podcast. :)Ken requests an episode on Fahrenheit, which really requires discussion of the two temperature systems, and how they are quantified.TerminologyCentigrade: old fashioned term for CelsiusKelvin (K): less common measurement of temperature used for ScienceThermal Equilibrium:‎Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics: zero: personal preference is Celsius. Less numbers to deal with in everyday use. Really Cold – Temperatures below 0°C Really Hot – Temperatures above 30°C The "American" thinking is temperatures go in 20's, 30's, 40's...ect. more work!Obligatory gun discussionIndirect conversation about PV = nRT formulaCorrection: the absence of pressure (vacuum) causes water to boil. Celsius and Fahrenheit are "measured" by the states of water boiling/freezing.Celsiusfreezes at 0°boils at 100°Fahrenheitfreezes at 32boils 212°1 (K) Kelvin = -273.15°C

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