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HPR - HPR1430: download script

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In episode "Thu 2013-12-19: hpr1404 Editing pre-recorded audio in Audacity" I walked you through editing a podcast, by the magic of editing this is been posted after the other show has aired. The plan here is to get people to share their useful hacks to show how elegent, or in my case ugly, code can be. As Knightwise says "Getting technology to work for you."â„¢Feel free to share your own hacks with us."${videopage}" -O - | grep '' | sed 's#^.*' | awk -F '"|?' '{print ""$1}') for thisvideo in $(echo $thisvideolist); do if [ "$( grep "${thisvideo}" "${logfile}" | wc -l )" -eq 0 ]; then echo "Found the new video ${thisvideo}" echo ${thisvideo} >> ${logfile}_todo else echo "Already downloaded ${thisvideo}" fi donedone# Download the listif [ -e ${logfile}_todo ];then tac ${logfile}_todo | youtube-dl --batch-file - --ignore-errors --no-mtime --restrict-filenames --max-quality --format mp4 --write-auto-sub -o ${savedir}'/%(autonumber)s-%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s' cat ${logfile}_todo >> ${logfile} rm ${logfile}_todofi

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