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HPR - HPR1424: ohmroep hpr live mini, 03-08-2013, Censorship and Hack

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Nido Media invades the Early Morning Show hosted by colleague host Brenno

de Winter to talk about his talk on Censorship and Hacking in the


We discuss the situation of Alberto Stegeman, who proved the lack of

security on Schiphol by touching the plane of the Queen.

Brenno's own adventures with the Dutch transportation card.

Henk Krol showed a medical system's security, a system considered to be

"Top Notch Security", hinged on a (shared) password consisting of 5


He also talks about the Dutch Responsible Disclosure procedure and what

is wrong with it, including examples such as Hans Scheuder who found a

flaw in

habbo Hotel.

Ilyam saw his little brother and sister taken away by the Child

Protection Services by accident and decided to film it and go public

with it.

Indigo - system for registering people immigrating to the netherlands.

Contains markers like "You are ready to be removed".

Russian Activist fled to the Netherlands after he was let out of jail.

Here he got cought in a system named 'Indigo' which is used by the

immigration service. One of the flags this system can set on people is

'you are ready to be removed'.

Go to this episode


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