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HPR - HPR1418: HPR New Year Show Part 3 2013-12-31T22:00:00Z to 2014-

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2013-12-31T22:00:00ZGreetings to Greece and 30 more  Cairo, Ankara, Athens, and Bucharest, followed by a short reminder of the ORCA fundraiser.Discussion of the new cast of TuxRadarGot talking about Jupiter BroadcastingDeep discussion on the world of Jono BaconThe discussion of Jono / Aq on LugRadio evolves into a debate on the nature of debateThis conversation evolved into a question / debate about software morality, SndChaser suggested that maybe it is an ethical question instead of a moral question2013-12-31T23:00:00ZGreetings to Germany and 43 more Brussels, Madrid, Paris, and Rome, followed by a short reminder of the ORCA fundraiser.Our co-hosts pound on the morality topic some more...We should all be advocates for Free / Libre software wherever and whenever we can.Software applications that are Open Source which are better than their closed-source counterparts:FocusWriter (offered by ThistleWeb): http://www.darktable.orgLightZone (pegwole): http://lightzoneproject.orgGIMP (pegwole): http://www.gimp.orgG'MIC (): http://maelstrom.sourceforge.netTuxPaint (sebsebseb): http://tuxpaint.orgmtpaint (sebsebseb):  http://mtpaint.sourceforge.netJitsi (sebsebseb): http://jitsi.orgkid3 (pokey):EasyTag (pokey):Audacity (pokey):gPodder (pokey):PuddleTag (SndChaser):avidemux (ThistleWeb):OpenShot (Kwisher)EtherPad (k5tux):WordPress (SndChaser):Abiword (sebsebseb):gnumeric (sebsebseb):LibreOffice (k5tux): http://libreoffice.orgmplayer (ken)ffmpeg (ken)emacs (SndChaser);vim (SndChaser):kdenlive (k5tux):Open Street Map (pokey): http://openstreetmap.orgWhich distro are you using and why?Ease of use vs control over the operating system.Dann: thinking about using desktop environments, always found that he was setting them up like Fluxbox, so just sticking to fluxbox now.2014-01-01T00:00:00ZGreetings to United Kingdom and 24 more  London, Casablanca, Dublin, and Lisbon, followed by a short reminder of the ORCA fundraiser.(0002Z) Pokey: Mac OS was moderne when it was created, but now it's looking old and tiredSndChaser thinks we are kind of spoiled with all the options - includnig things that don't exist elsewhere - like Awesome.  But lovest the ability we have to build our desktops to fit our workflows and optimize how we work.(0020Z) K5Tux: Easy to learn (he's coming back to it...) -- "Going to change lanes: When discussing ease of use, what about "don't care to know" folks, gamers, etc -- those who don't worry about privacy and software freedom, I have my own thoughts on but I'd like to hear the consensus on the danger for those who just don't care."(0045Z) How did you come to Linux?(0048Z) Free Software's major achievements in 2014:Watches or glasses (marcusbaird)SteamBox (ThistleWeb)ROMs for entry-level mobile phones (pokey)2014-01-01T01:00:00ZGreetings to Cape Verde, some regions of Greenland and 1 more  Praia, Ponta Delgada (Azores), Ittoqqortoormiit, and Mindelo, followed by a short reminder of the ORCA fundraiser.Is Windows made for the consumer or is it made just to look that way on the store shelves? (pokey)Thistleweb expounds upon the evils of extended warrantieseBook discussion2014-01-01T02:00:00ZGreetings to regions of Brazil, Uruguay and 1 more Rio de Janeiro, S??o Paulo, Brasilia, Montevideo, followed by a short reminder of the ORCA fundraiser.Pokey mentions that he is furious that the authors guild forced the text-to-speech to be disabled on the Kindle... and names Roy Bloundt Jr.Electronic versions of textbooks are not reducing the number of printed books.  Students have to buy / lease the paper books, then get the electronic version.  And, in many cases they cannot (easily) re-selly the paper copy for even half of what they paid.  In the case of grade school / highschool they cannot sell the books since they are just leased.Pokey brought up OpenText Books: - textbooks - Creative Commons Counterpoint TextbookJonKulp - BlatherSndChaser asks Jon to comment on Musopen and the status of classical music publishing / performanceJonKulp mezmerizes the room with the contents of his cranium (this time it's with Blather).Your're funny!!LTMJonKulp is an accomplished composer. Some of his works can be found at to regions of Brazil, Argentina and 7 more Buenos Aires, Santiago, Asuncion, Paramaribo, followed by a short reminder of the ORCA fundraiser.JonKulp gets introduced to mate teaJonathan Nadeau ( talks about Orca & Festival speech synthesisJonathan Nadeau talks about moving to manjaroIt is determined that Perberos, Stefano Karapetsas (stefano-k), Steve Zesch (amanas) and Clement Lefebvre (clem) are the people responsible for removing all accessibility features from MATE, the Gnome2 fork. Gnome2 used to be the most accessible desktop.2014-01-01T03:30:00ZGreetings to Newfoundland and Labrador/Canada  St. John's, Conception Bay South, Corner Brook, Gander, followed by a short reminder of the ORCA fundraiser.Jon Kulp: Open Dyslexic FontSndChaser installs Open Dyslexic extension in chromiumPokey looks at the Open Dyslexic website and is able to read the page very quickly (quickly for pokey anyway), goes ahead and tries to install the font on Mint

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