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HPR - HPR1414: ohmroep hpr live 4, 31-06-2013, operating lights at Ob

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Doing the Lights on OHM2013. (shownotes donated by HobbyBob)During the interview i mention the LOC controller. The LOC controllerwas designed by Bob from Bitlair Hackerspace in Amersfoort, TheNetherlands.Here you can find all the info on the controller: the wiki is a nice read: also had the Proxy, you can find the repository here: we had some great help by Gavan and Kat from the UK during theevent, they also made a repository for all the effects which you can runon the controller too: famous police effect (when the police was entering the field) isalso in this repository !!!Lastly there is Bas' DMX controller, more info you can find here: we talked about lasers, if you want to start building yourown colorful lasers, Photonlexicon is a good way to start. You can findthe photonlexicon forum here: username is hobbybob there, so if you have any questions just ask mein a pm. It is good habit that you introduce yourself on the forum,this will get you more credits when you start asking questions. Justintroduce yourself, what you want to built and what you already havedone/tried in the past.Ohh and BTW i sound a bit dull because i was very tired. As the Lightteam, we worked from 9AM to 3AM every day during OHM to make theexperience a colorful one for everyone!We hope you enjoy(ed) our effort and start building cool stuff yourself !If you want to make your own LOC controllers, LED effects or Lasers i amvery interested to know.You can mail me: hobbybob at bitlair dot nl

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