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HPR - HPR1403: hiro from GamingGrannar at Retrospelsmässan

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Today on Hacker Public Radio, we will talk about old games, and interview an expert from Sweden."GamingGrannar" and "Spelklassiker Musik"In 2012, the Swedish gaming community "Level 7" voted for the blog Gaminggrannar to become "Gaming Blog of the year". Gaminggrannar (or "Gaming Neighbours") consists of David "Dave" Boström, Emelie "Ekken" Karlsson and Andreas "hiro" Karlsson.Dave won the Swedish Championship in Nintendo, in 2003, and has a great Metroid collection. Ekken is an acomplished gamer, creates edible game cakes and also has a newly started collection of games with pink cartridges. hiro can be recognized by his retro game inspired tatoos, and is known for his love for series like Mega Man X and Castlevania.Together the three neighbours release a video blog about everything and anything gaming related, but often with a focus on older games.The podcast that hiro hosts together with Tobias Jensen, a NES and Amiga 500 gamer who wished he had more time for games, hit the 200th episode in november 2013.Retrospelsmässanhiro and I met at Retrospelsmässan 2013. This retro game convention is on it's fourth year, and has grown considerably. Now in the second largest exhibition hall in Gothenburg, with roughly 2.000 visitors, and a three hour que to get in. Competitions in old games, buy retrogames and consoles, cosplay competition, and so on. "Retrospelsmässan is a yearly event with focus on consoles and computers that was released before the year 2000." -- Markus Swerlander, one of the organisers.The date for the 2014 edition of Retrospelsmässan is already set, saturday the 3:d of may in Eriksbergshallen, Gothenburg."Game and have fun!"-- hiroStuff referenced in the episode Gaminggrannar (Gaming Neighbours): [swedish], Twitter: @GamingGrannar Andreas "hiro" Karlsson, Twitter: @grannen_hiro David "Dave" Boström Emelie "Ekken" Karlsson "Årets Spelblogg 2012" (Swedish Gaming blog of the year): [swedish] Streetfighter Workout Video: Spelklassiker Musik (Classical Gaming Music): [swedish] Retrospelsmässan (Retrogame convention): [swedish], Twitter: @RSMGBG "Super Mario Beads @ Retrospelsmässan 2013": Retrode: PowerPak: to reach meYou should follow me and subscribe to All In IT Radio: @alltinomit Twitter: @alltinomit

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