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Technology Isn't Our Savior

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I'm glad someone pointed this out, political movements against the current state of affairs have been...well, really almost a little sad. I can see why people would just rather feel apathetic, though. What do you do to fight an intelligence partnership which seems more and more, involves almost every nation friendly to the US/UK?


It really is a tough call - if you encrypt/obscure your way out of surveillance, the three letter agencies certainly aren't going to tell you if they find a way to circumvent that. If you try to introduce a bill to curb it, that's only one country of many, and there's no telling whether or not they'll find a loophole, or counter with a more lax bill like Senator Feinstein's. It seems like there needs to be pretty significant reform if you want to fix anything, especially against such a politically resourceful opponent.


At the very least, the media coverage has been very, very well played.


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