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I was looking around for where Ooma might hide some of the more interesting stuff and came across this page http://www.ooma.com/app/support/hd-voice that lists a few ooma numbers for customers to test the quality of the HD voice in the 1-900-265-10xx range. 


So.... I did what any curious phreak would do... I scanned a bunch of numbers in the 1-900-265-10xx range with my Ooma service. 


These are probably only accessible with Ooma, doubt they actually have 900#s.. in general 900# calls from Ooma are blocked, these are internal to the Ooma system. Why they didn't use 1-700-Nxx-xxxx (like vonage or other carriers) who knows, I guess just because normal 900#s are blocked with their service, so they figured it wouldn't become an active area code if they happened to choose an unassigned area code. 


I found once i reached 1-900-265-1046 I got a recording that that type of call was not permitted with Ooma, so I have the list of 1-900-265-1000 thru 1-900-265-1045


I DID find some interesting things, notably at 17, 43, 44 and 45.



00 "the talker"

01 Ooma welcome recording for new customers

02 Ooma welcome recording for new customers

03 "the talker"

04 "the talker"

05 "the talker"

06 "the talker" 

07 the talker commercial

08 music (piano)

09 birds chirping

10 train?

11 water running or dripping

12 wind?

13 chickens & cows - farm?

14 typing on keyboard?

15 music (80's dance?)

16 music (chanting?)

17 "20 Hz, 30 Hz, 40 Hz...." "...22kHz" announces tone then tone plays!

18 baby crying

19 coo-coo clock

20 music (drum circle?)

21 music (organ?)

22 music (guitars, sounds pink floyd influenced to me)

23 water running or dripping

24 helicopter

25 music (80s?)

26 plane (propeller)

27 music (piano)

28 music (80s? different than 25)

29 airport (jets)

30 music w/dogs barking and people talking (indian?)

31 train

32 music (austrailian?)

33 music (?)

34 jungle (birds/crows?)

35 music ("ahhh" chanting?)

36 music (austrailian? different than 32)

37 music (sitar?)

38 train (different than 31)

39 train (same as 38)

40 "the talker"

41 Ooma telo commercial w/music

42 Ooma telo commercial NO music

43 tone sweep low to high - does not respond to DTMF

44 constant high pitch tone only breaks with * key

45 constant high pitch tone only breaks with * key
















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