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HPR - HPR1371: The Lost Banner of HPR

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Pokey - Patrick Dailey (pdailey03 @@ gmail-dot-com)

David Whitman davidWHITMAN (davidglennwhitman @@ gmail-dot-com)

The HPR Booth Banner is LOST! Shipped to wrong address and 'POOF' its gone!

What should we do in the future?

Buy 2 replacement banners or extra frames

What about something doing something else?

Pokey saw a really lightweight banner in a bank -

Equipment that is nice to have to do a Linux Feast

(Pokey has done 3 HPR Tables at Linux Fests -David has done tables two years at Linux Fest Northwest)

1. Backdrop

2. Table Cloth

3. Stickers and other swag to hand out

4. A H1 Zoom or other recording device

David owes a Coffee Mug design to the HPR Community - Richard Q did some graphics and David is lazy or busy and has not got it done.

Stickers available at

Business Cards

HPR Nosy Guy

HPR Ovals

Pictures from Picture Prints (easy to do and cheap!)

Tee Shirts

Green HPR Round Sticker

HPR Mini Bumper Sticker

Buttons (Old School and no longer available)

Do Your Own art work

QRCode book of all eposides


HPR has had no table at SCALE

David wants to add Sonar to the table content

Banner Defined - The one Pokeys Mom made is still not lost

There should be a PDF with these show notes that has a shitty logo page so you can see some stickers that can be ordered. The stickers are very good quality as are the T-shirts. Richard Querin and others have done the artwork.

Go to this episode


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