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HPR - HPR1350: The Origin of ONICS (My Intro)

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This show is about the Open Network Inspection Command Suite (ONICS). It is a project I have been working on at home for a couple of years now.The idea is to create a set of command line tools that work like cat, sed,awk, grep, etc but for network packets instead of lines of text. Thispodcast is actually less about the tools and more about the process thatI went through to build it. So its more a tale of the project that wasnever done than an explanation of how to use the tools.Contact info: Gabriel Evenfire email: evenfire@sdf.orgONICS Gitorious Page: Wiki Page: Start Guide for Building ONICSgit clone catlibgit clone onicscd catlib/srcmakecd ../../onicsmakesudo make install # (optional) The microphone I ended up jury rigging to record this:

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