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September MIT Flea

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Interesting MIT Flea last weekend -- not the biggest/best ever, but pretty cool stuff. I picked up a Chatsworth 7 foot relay rack with two patch panels for $20:


Currently stored, but it will be receiving a new home in the electrical/server room in the house once the walls are sealed and painted. It's aluminum so it will be easier to cut down for the short basement ceiling. Came with a ton of patch cables too:


I found a mostly empty PICMG chassis as well. These are used for industrial PC systems. The chassis contains a passive ISA/PCI backplane, power supply and drive bays. You plug in a Single Board Computer with the processor/IO combinations you need. It came with an industrial Disk on Chip (early SSD) board, which had an old version of FreeBSD installed. I plugged one of my SBCs in for testing:


You can get these PICMG chassis boxes with an obscene number of slots. 14 PCI slots is common. Great for routers!


I also found a 15" touchscreen LCD for $15. It's TEKVisions branded, but it's a generic 15" XGA LCD with an ELO 5-wire resistive touchscreen installed. It communicates via serial, and appears to have Linux kernel support. It outputs stuff over the serial port, but I haven't taken the time to get it working with X yet:


Weirdest of all, there was an actual Gemini space capsule for sale:


For $65,000 you can buy your very own spaceship! Apparently this one was used for training and didn't go to space. Didn't get a chance to ask him what he told U-Haul when he rented the car transport...


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