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HPR - HPR1318: How I found Linux

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1st PC 95 wfw win3.11 installed with jumbo tracker coloradono ownership in HS and prior to '95recognition of internet '94 ncsa mosaichunger for web page buildsSparc1 - SunOS pizza boxes / DEC Alpha / VAX/VMSstoked curiosity UNIXUnix Renaissance FAMU --> http://www.famu.eduLinux Unleashed - Slackware 2.0 kernel 1.2.13filesystem inspection, file ownership, permissions, basic scriptsNetworking - Token Ring / Ethernet / IBM 4381Trumpet winsock / NetBEUI / dial-up networking modems cash service PPP chatscripts / robotics 14.4K modemwinnt 4.0 network YP/NIS - 25 machines /etc/passwdredhat 4.2 , slackware desktop of choice, debian potato, use debian for business deploymentmostly web services, openvpn, asterisk (centos)mythtv arch - knoppmyth --> LinHESmany thanks to ken fallon, dann washko, klaatu

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