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HPR - HPR1313: How I Manage Contacts

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How I Manage ContactsAbout a year ago I decided to try to clean up my contacts. The problem: CRUFT! Importing, exporting re-importing in different accounts and in different email clients and several computers etc over span of ~10 years.1200+ gmail contactsMany duplicates What I wanted:1 set of contacts across platforms with single source file from which allothers are generatedplain-text format, easy to use w/scripting & text editorNo duplicates no crufteasy to maintaineasy to import/export in T-bird, ownCloudsync with phone Steps to Success: Turn off Gmail default setting that saves every incoming email address in your address bookDeleted all extraneous contacts (went from ~1200 down to about 400)Tedious part here: compare duplicates, consolidate infoDecide on source-file formatT-bird = LDIF OwnCloud = vCardLDIF wins b/c found script to convert to vCard, but not good script for other directionConvert all disparate contacts lists to LDIF, begin consolidating into one fileLDIF ready? Import to T-birdPerl script to convert LDIF to vCard –> import to ownCloudCardDAV-sync to sync from o.c. to phoneBash script to create new LDIF entries, convert to vcf, add to master file easilyWishlist Make t-bird sync w/owncloud (t-bird SOGO extension broken)CLI API to update owncloud contacts via a script instead of having to use the web interfaceLinks CardDAV-sync android app Addon: Duplicate Contact Manager ldif2vcf perl script modified version: ldif creator bash script

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