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HPR - HPR1308: Helping a New Computer User

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Here is a list of the skills I teach new computer users:A) Hardware:1) Monitor and Tower---Turning on the computer2) Keyboard and Mouse---Learning when to use the right mouse button, left button, and scroll wheel---Seeing non-alphabetic keys3) Printers and other Peripherals---Understating the usefulness of printers, scanners, flash drives, etc.B) Operating System:1) Icons on the Desktop---Moving, adding, and removing icons2) Opening Applications---Using the Start Menu to find applications3) Managing and Resizing Windows---Using the window controls to maximize, minimize, restore up, and close windowsC) File Management:1) Creating a New Folder and Subfolders2) Selecting Specific Files---Single-click method---Ctrl method---Shift method---Drawing-box-around-files method---Ctrl + A method3) Moving Files---Drag & Drop---Copy & PasteD) Text Entry:1) Using a simple notepad---Entering and Saving Text---Using the File Menu2) Using a Word Processor---Formatting text---Using toolbars

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