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HPR - HPR1303: A Music Pairing Under Unlikely Circumstances

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Today Dave interviews Tim, his son, and Tim's friend John, who isvisiting from the USA.Tim and John met on the Internet in 2006 as collaborating composers ofelectronic music. They have become good friends over the years; Tim hasvisited John in the States, in 2011 where they met for the first time in reallife, for John's wedding. This also marks the first time that John and hiswife Caitlin have travelled overseas, which they did to visit Tim in the UK.In the podcast we discuss how they met, how their different worldviews affected each other, and how their relationship quicklytranscended music.Here's a picture of Tim and John visiting Edinburgh Castle in July2013:Contrary to what was said in the podcast, Tim prepared a mix of thevarious compositions he and John have made. Links to some of the fulltracks are available below.Here are Tim's notes for the music mix: of Tim and John's work - latest collaboration -

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