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HPR - HPR1269: Frank Bell Achieves Enlightenment Adventures with E17

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Frank concludes his two-part series on the E17 (Enlightenment 0.17.x) Desktop Environment with a look at some nuts-and-bolts configuration items.He covers several configuration settings that illustrate how Enlightenment's various configuration dialogs work, including theShelf (Panel) and Gadgets (Widgets) in the Shelf.Settings Panel, and, within the Settings Panel,Key and Mouse Bindings.Favorite Applications.Startup Applications.Themes and Wallpapers.The Titlebar Menu, including "Window" settings, such as Maximize, Half-Maximize, Vertical Maximize; and "Remember" settings, such as Position and "Sticky" state.Links:ICCCM (Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual): (Extended Window Manager Hits): a list of links to E17 resources and to listen to the first episode, see Part One:

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