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HPR - HPR1256: TGTM Newscast for 2013-05-20 Bobobex

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Here is a news review:Statement of Lisa L Williams on Bradley ManningJustice Department Subpoena of AP Journalists Shows Need to Protect Calling RecordsGuest Columnist: Kelly MichaelsObama Must Set the Cuban Five FreeHarry Reid to RH Reality Check: Military Sexual Assault Reporting System Needs FixingâSix Strikesâ Anti-Piracy Outfit Loses Company Status, Faces PenaltiesDisappointing Unsealing Decision in Aaron Swartz CaseInteresting Move: Peter Sunde, Of The Pirate Bay & Flattr To Run For EU ParliamentLatest Middle East Cyber Attacks on U.S. Corporations Employ SabotageTV Networks Finally Discover Live Streaming; Still Get It Really, Really WrongOther Headlines:Cuba/Homophobia: Itâs Never Too Late Why Cops Bust Down Doors of Medical Pot Growers, But Ignore Men Who Keep Naked Girls on LeashesDo Not Track: Are Weak Protections Worse Than None At All?The McCain Cable Bill Can Only Do So Much; Real Change Is Market-DrivenJail Terms For Unlocking Cellphones Shows The True Black Heart Of The Copyright MonopolyStaffed and produced by the TGTM news team, Editorial Selection by DeepGeek, views of the storyauthors reflect their own opinions and not necessarily those of TGTMnews.News from "," ","  ","and "" usedunder arrangedpermission.Newsfrom "" and "" usedunderpermission of the Creative Commonsby-attribution license.News from "" used under permission of the Creative Commonsby-attribution non-commercial no-derivatives license.News from used under terms published on their webpage.News Sources retain their respective copyrights.Links

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