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HPR - HPR1251: TGTM Newscast for 2013-05-19 DeepGeek

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Here is a news review:A New Era for Worker Ownership, 5 Years in the MakingNew York City May Let Non-Citizens Vote in Local ElectionsChina's State-Run TV Uses Daily Show Clip To Demonize US, Viewers Point Out The Irony"Part of the Transition to Socialism": Venezuela's Labour Law Comes into EffectNew York City Council Passes Sick-Pay Bill Megaupload Asks Court to Dump The âBaselessâ Criminal CaseSyrian Internet Goes Dark, Leaving Questions and UncertaintyUpdate to Email Privacy Law Must Go FurtherWhy Private Torrent Sites Have Strict Copyright Enforcement RulesBlogger Issues DMCA Notice To Take Down Posts Infringing His 'How To Infringe' PostOther Headlines:The Death of TruthThe New York Times on Venezuela and Honduras: A Case of Journalistic MisconductReinventing the Wheel - The REAL Green Jobs StoryWhen Will the Works of Octavio Paz be Published in Cuba? U.S. Govt. Attack on Megaupload Bears Hallmarks of âDigital GitmoâStaffed and produced by the TGTM news team, Editorial Selection by DeepGeek, views of the storyauthors reflect their own opinions and not necessarily those of TGTMnews.News from "," ","and "" usedunder arrangedpermission.Newsfrom "" and "" usedunderpermission of the Creative Commonsby-attribution license.News from "," and "," used under permission of the Creative Commonsby-attribution non-commercial no-derivatives license.News Sources retain their respective copyrights.Links

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