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HPR - HPR1245: TGTM Newscast for 2013-06-05 for by Dann Washko and De

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Here is a news review:GOPsenators push bill to kill NLRBPirateParty Enters Icelandâs National Parliament After Historic Election WinObamaRenews Guantánamo Closure Vow, Defends Force-FeedingChallengeLeanSocialistPirateBay Founder on Trial Next Month Facing Societal Damage ClaimsMPAAExecutive Tampered With IFPI Evidence in Internet Piracy CaseEFFto Federal Judge: Donât Let the DMCA be a Tool for CensorshipWhatIs TPP? Biggest Global Threat to the Internet Since ACTAHiawatha9.1 has been releasedOther Headlines:BrooklynAnarchist Refusing to Play Along With the SystemGreen Party AccusesCuomo of Unconstitutional Attacks on Political PartiesWhy We Need toUnderstand the Apocalyptic Worldview of a Small Group of Radical MuslimsReflectionson Icelandâs Election of Pirate MPsCuba: ViableSocialism & Chavez at May Day Parades Staffed and produced by the TGTM news team, Editorial Selection byDeepGeek, views of the storyauthors reflect their own opinions and not necessarily those of TGTMnews.News from ","  ","and"" usedunder arrangedpermission.Newsfrom "," and "" usedunderpermission of the Creative Commonsby-attribution license.News from "," and"" used under permission of the Creative Commonsby-attribution non-commercial no-derivatives license.News Sources retain their respective copyrights.Links

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